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The Basics Of Car Hood Repairs And Maintenance

Body panels make up the greatest portion of your car—its metal skin, doors, hood, trunk, roof, and even the floor. Of all these panels, the hood is the most important because it houses all your vehicle's performance parts, including the engine. Unfortunately, the hood is also among the panels most susceptible to damage because of its front most location. Car hood repairs are often common and they can take a great chunk out of your car maintenance budget.

The Different Types Of Hood Damage

Hood damage can take in different forms, from the simplest to the most serious. Here are three common damage that the hood often encounters:

• Hinge Problem. Your hood is connected to the main body of your vehicle as it covers important auto parts. Among the different hardware that connect it to your automobile are hinges. Sometimes, however, these hinges loosen or even disappear. If you experience rattling of your vehicle hood when you drive, there's a great chance that the hinges are already loose, failing, or even missing. If you neglect this, there's a possibility that the hood may suddenly go up while you're driving in the highway, blocking your view and even resulting in accidents.

• Scratches and Dents. Simple vehicle accidents known as fender benders can also damage the hood, causing problems like scratches and dents. These may be simple problems, but they can be unsightly. They can make your vehicle look older and worn-out, decreasing its value. Besides, when these problems are neglected, they can lead to more serious troubles. To eliminate scratches, you can simply do a vehicle repaint. For dents, you can do the fixing on your own or you can bring it to your local mechanic.

• Rusting and Corrosion. This is probably the most serious problem a hood may encounter. Rusting can result from neglect, scratches that you fail to cover up and repaint, as well as the vehicle's long exposure to environmental elements without protection. The solution to this problem would depend on the extent of the corrosion on the part. If the rusting only affects a small part of the panel, you can still save it. However, if rust has already eaten a great part of the hood, the best thing you can do is to replace it with a new one. After all, you wouldn't want to risk the parts in the engine bay by exposing them to damaging elements.

Taking care of your vehicle hood is crucial to the well-being of your engine and many of the parts that work with it—the ignition system, fuel injection system, and many other vehicle assemblies. So once you notice even just a simple hood problem, do not neglect it and find a solution at once.

Car hood repairs need not be expensive—you can even perform simple repairs on your own. All you will need are the right tools and the basic skills in auto maintenance. These will not only save your money but will also give you more knowledge to help you take care of your car.


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