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Should I Trust Any Car Repair Shop?

During the first year of owning a car is a feeling that we can't seem to leave our car. We would even love to sleep at our cars, and it's like a pet for us that we would provide all maintenance just to look it good and in running condition. We are very concern about everything that our car might be needing, the maintenance, care, and even regular wash. As much as we wanted to take car of our car ourselves, but in some point and some unexpected situation, we need to bring our car to a car repair shop to do some tricky jobs and other maintenance considering that it's our time to own a car. Our concern in this point is the reliability of a certain shop of our choice.

Well, this is just normal to be concerned and worried about our car since that's the very main reason why we bring our car to them. But of all the cars that are brought in a shop, are we really sure that each car is treated with special extra care like what we wanted to?

Behind our knowledge, auto repair shops have laws and requirements that they need to follow and comply before they do the repair. Normally, all over the world, there are five categories that they need to observe and with that, we will know if we can entrust them our cars. If they follow the right policy and procedure before they perform a car repair, it would only mean that they are reliable enough for us to be at peace.

The first thing to be performed by a car repair shop is the written estimate for such repair. Before they do the repair, they would normally negotiate and write the estimated amount of repair, and also parts that need to be repair or replaced. This would serve as a legal documentation that you have your car repaired with them. This is normally applicable to repairs of high cost. But regardless of the cost, a good repair shop has a written estimate as a proof and to observe its legality.

The next step to be observed is the unauthorized charges. A reliable repair shop will never charge his customer more the 110% of the total amount indicated on the written estimate and authorization not unless a verbal agreement was made in between the shop and the car owner. This would exclude taxes, but no hidden charges.

An official receipt must be provided after the repair. This is with the compliance of their tax payments. And a good facility must observe disposition of replaced parts. That would only means that they must return all parts that was replaced on your car except for those that are stated on the warranty or not unless you have to verbally tell them that they can junk the parts replaced. This practice will ensure that the junks will not be reused in whatever form as these parts may be unreliably damaged.

Unlawful acts and practices is also a must. Make it sure that they are doing exactly the same as what is shown on their advertisements. False market bills and other form of advertisement must be relied upon repair.

If all of these policies governed a certain car repair shop, then we say that we can trust them and that they will handle our cars with care as what we always wanted to.


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