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Repair And Protection Of A Car Transmission

Repairing car transmission is a bit complicated and heavy on the pocket. Most car owners make their transmission automatic since this is a lot easy and convenient however, automatic transmission in not that reliable not unless you do a regular maintenance and check ups. The maintenance of a car transmission anyway, does not require too much effort but patient instead.

To avoid damages to your car's automatic transmission, it is best that you know the factor that can cause this, so you may avoid getting into. Most of the time, transmission failure comes as a result from overheating. A lot of factors will cause overheats as well, such as traffic jams in hot weather that causes your car from stopping over and over, or even in snows. During this hard working time for the transmissions, the fluid is burned and it's losing its quality to lubricate.

The process will oxidize and will leave deposits on the entire transmission. And if the gaskets and rubber seals will exposed to heat inside the transmission, it will be hardened and will cause leakage. These continuous reactions and process will eventually cause failure of the transmission. Other transmission problem are caused by very low transmission fluid, reckless driving, and seldom by putting a wrong transmission fluid. But in this case, the reaction is very quick. It would take minutes or hours for your transmission to fail if a wrong fluid is applied.

Repairing car transmission usually needs a professional repair person as this is a complicated repair job. You can do the repair yourself if you already experienced the same situation in the past. And by choosing a repair shop, it would be better if you choose the one who offers warranty so it won't be hard for you if the job's affectivity doesn't last that long. I would suggest that you use original parts for this kind of repair.

I will give you some tips on how to avoid problems on your cars such as transmission failure. A regular check up is still the best way. But in this case, it won't take any effort at all. Just every time you park, look back on your parking space if there are any signs of leakage, it will only take a second s of your time. If you have free time, take a second to take a look at the level of your transmission fluid.

If the fluid seems to be dark than the normal color or looks dirty, I would suggest to change your transmission fluid as this can be a factor for your transmission to fail. Always remember that you never drain your transmission fluid. And when changing your transmission fluid, use a kind of fluid that is indicated on the manual, a lot of cars are sensitive to transmission fluids nowadays.

And for driving techniques, you can also avoid transmission problem through this tips. You can only shift to reverse if your car comes to stop completely. You can only shift from a parking mode if the engine's rpm is higher compare than a normal idle. If you practice these simple guides and techniques, you can avoid your car to any damage thus avoiding repairing the car's transmission.


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