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Performing Car Dent Repairs At Home

Car dents are among the inconveniences you may have to put up with throughout your car ownership. They can occur anytime without warning—a vehicle bumped on your car while backing up, a supermarket cart got out of control and came zooming toward your car door, or you got into a tight parking space and the car next to you banged its door on your auto body panel as it was being opened. Car dents can give your car a worn-out look and reduce its value, so car dent repairs are very important.

Unfortunately, these repairs can get so expensive when done by a professional. So, your best bet would be to do it yourself in your own garage. It may take a lot of time and patience, but you'll also get a lot of savings.

Car Dent Repair Procedures

Repairing a car dent includes two general steps: restoring the original form of the dented panel and then restoring its original look.

• Restore the original form by fixing the dent

1.) You need to pull out the dent. You can do this by pushing the dent out from the inside with your hands. Simple dents are soft enough for the hands to push.

2.) If the dent doesn't budge, the next option would be to use a block of wood and the right mallet or hammer. Position the wood outside of the dent while you hammer the dent from the inside to push it out (be sure that you use just the right amount of force here).

3.) If you cannot gain access to the inside of the dent (i.e. if the dent is in a tight area like under the hood), you can use an electric drill, screw, and a self-locking vice grip. Drill a 1/8" hole at the center of the dent, screw in the screw, and use the grip to pull on the dent.

4.) Sand all the paint from the area of the dent and then fill it with body filler. Once the filler is hard, shape the surface with sandpaper (start with a coarse sandpaper and finish with a fine one).

• Restore the original look by repainting

1.) Apply spray primer on the area (several coating is needed, and each coat should be thoroughly dry before applying the next).

2.) After this, repaint the area of the dent (several coating is also needed, with fine sanding done between each coat until the desired smoothness is achieved).

If you plan to do your own repair, you can find complete repair kits to help you with the task. Today, there are already a wide variety of kits that will help you do the job easily. Among the latest are those that do not require you to drill on the dent anymore, reducing the incidental damage to your car. There are kits that make use of hot glue gun, tabs, and brackets for an easier and faster repair of car dents.

With all these now offered, it's easier to perform car dent repairs at home without all the major expenses.


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